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Under Eyes

Procedure time
30 minutes
Recovery time
Duration of results
Up to 12 months
Prices from

Tear Trough Filler / Under Eye Hollows / Dark Circles

Dark circles and under eye hollows can make you appear tired, run-down and aged. Tear troughs and dark circles form for various reasons including, genetics, stress, poor hydration and lack of sleep.

This treatment is one of our most popular. Many places will use thick products or products that attract a lot of water to the under eye region, leaving treated eyes puffy and worse off. Furthermore, use of a needles directly under the eye makes the treatment a painful one that can then go on to have significant bruising.

At Trikwan Aesthetics, we use a microcannula which means no sharp object goes anywhere near the eye, meaning a virtually painless and quick treatment with minimal swelling and a very rare risk of a small amount of bruising. We also use Teosyal Redensity II only, which has 15 different added ingredients for maximum undereye rejuvenation. Three main anti oxidants include-



Alphalipoic acid

These brighten the dark circles and rejuvenate the skin under the eye.

Video – Everything You Need To Know About Under Eye Fillers

Before and After Gallery

Before after under eye treatment at Trikwan

Before after under eye treatment at Trikwan


Is it safe?

Using the cannula technique with a blunt tip, the key structures around the eye are protected. Specific anatomical landmarks and techniques are utilised to make this a safe and effective treatment and minimise discomfort.


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