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OBAGI Skin Care

At Trikwan Aesthetics we offer a range of skincare options tailored to your needs, with everything from peels to creams and serums. Please book a consultation with Dr Zoya Diwan or Dr Sanjay Trikha to discuss your concerns and design your bespoke treatment plan.

*All of our treatments require minimal down time. Any potential side effects, such as temporary bruising and swelling will be discussed during your consultation.

Obagi Nu Derm

Life changing transformations minus the down time

Obagi Skin Care has been recognised as a world-wide leading medical skin care range for over 30 years. Each product has in depth scientific research to support their transformative effects on patients and their skin.

This revolutionising range of products can tackle various areas of concern such as premature skin ageing, skin damage, acne, rosacea, scarring, pigmentation, sun damage and redness.

Obagi skin care treatments, range widely in terms of treatment time and strength. One of Trikwan’s most popular Obagi treatment types is the medical grade; take home treatment titled the Nu Derm system. The Nu Derm system involves a three month at home skin care routine which when used day and evening, will completely transform the skin on both the surface and deeper levels. While this treatment takes a certain level of dedication, patient’s will be able to go about their normal daily routine, and while some redness and light peeling may occur this can be covered with foundation during the day.

We find that the Nu Derm system is comparable in results to the highest grade of skin peel yet unlike like most aggressive peels the Nu Derm system does not involve extensive down time. No anaesthetic is needed with the treatment and unlike some peels, the system will not involve time off of work. The Nu Derm system also operatesat a deeper level to advanced skin peels meaning that the aside from surface level smoothing of the skin, and discolouration you will also achieve a plumper and rejuvenated look on competition of the treatment.

Trikwan is an accredited Obagi practitioner and has most recently been nominated for ‘SKIN TRANSFORMATION OF THE YEAR’ due to the life changing transformation of one their clients who undertook the Nu Derm at home treatment.

Book a consultation with the Trikwan team to learn more about the OBAGI product range from creams, light skin peels and facials.

OBAGI Blue Radience Peel

As highlighted by Vanity Fair, this facial is the well- kept secret behind many a red carpet appearance. The Party Prep peel involves a ten minute, light level peel which leaves the skin with a mega-watt glow, revealing a smooth dewy surface to the skin.

This light peel can take place during the lunch hour ready for your evening event, and leaves a smooth base for make-up application which expensive skin primers can only wish for. The fact that it can be performed just hours before attending that special event for maximum impact, makes it not only the ultimate quick fix for a special evening. Aside from immediate results, the stellar glow produced by the peel can easily be maintained through regular top ups.

Although classed as a peel the treatment is indeed very mild consisting of salicylic acid, lactic acid and glycolic acid which help to leave the skin noticeably brighter and tighter.

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