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Jawline Slimming

Procedure time
25 - 30 minutes
Recovery time
Duration of results
4 - 6 months
Prices from


Large or overactive muscles around the jaw can give some people a wideset square-shaped jaw and a more masculine appearance. With our jawline Botox treatment, we can reduce the width of the jaw and feminise your face giving you a more V-shaped and narrow face. This treatment can also help people that have problems with teeth grinding/bruxism.


Jawline enhancement with dermal filler is effective with many types of patient. Using filler to define and enhance the jawline can be a very desirable look for men wanting a more typically masculine appearance as well as those, both male and female who are looking to firm the look of sagging jowls.

VIDEO - Everything You Need to Know: Jawline & Chin


I have heard about a lot of celebrities getting v-shaped Botox, is this the same as Jawline Botox

This procedure is the same as jawline Botox. The treatment is currently one of the latest aesthetic trends as seen on instagram and many a celeb. Jawline Botox has many names such as V-shape Botox and Heart Face Botox, however the treatment is essentially the same, and is both relatively quick as well as painless

The procedure involves Botox being injected in the jawline to reduce wider shaped jaws. The look is popular for those with much larger jaw areas or even those who are looking for a sleek, more contoured look made popular by many a supermodel. This is a procedure which is often paired with subtle cheek filler, to create a sculpted, contoured look. Often we see many patients who rely on cosmetics to shade the jaw and cheekbone area to emulate shadow and slimming effect, whereas the same look can be recreated with Botox and maintained with injections every three to four months.

How do I maintain the look of a slimmed down jawline

Although Jawline Botox can last for well over four months, we usually suggest that patients book in around the three months mark to top up jawline Botox.


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