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Chin Sculpting

Procedure time
30 minutes
Recovery time
Duration of results
Up to 24 months
Prices from

Chin filler is a procedure which has grown increasingly more popular in recent years. This treatment is an effective way to help balance the profile through elongating the chin to rectify a retracted or small chin through to balancing the side profile of the nose. Aside from the side profile, an elongated chin can help create a slimmer more v-shaped face which can be aesthetically pleasing to the eye.


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VIDEO - Everything You Need to Know: Jawline & Chin


Can chin filler be just as good an option as a chin implant?

The great thing about chin filler is that while lasting up to eighteen months, the procedure is easily reversible and can be tailored to your desired look during the treatment. At Trikwan we will fill the chin area to create a natural, subtle look and show you the immediate results. If more filler is required by the patient we will continue to inject filler in subtle quantities until the desired effect is achieved. With chin implants, you are unable to tweak the look of the implant mid procedure


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