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Trikwan Total Eye Transformation

This treatment focuses on resolving everything from deep sunken eyes, dark circles to fine lines for a refreshed and younger look. With certain ethnicities, dark circles can be are a huge problem, while weight-loss can cause issues with deep under eye hollows, and more often is the case that fine line appear with age. Each of these issues can be treated quickly, and painlessly with little to no down time with the Trikwan Total Eye Transformation. The procedure is bespoke to each patient and can be achieved via a mixture of medical grade lotions, Botox and carefully placed filler.

Packages included- Tear Trough Filler, Around the Eye Wrinkle Injections and Brightening/Tightening Creams.

We create individual bespoke packages starting from £380*

* Every treatment is individual and bespoke and we create tailor made packages for each client

Cupid’s Bow filler


The Trikwan Cupid’s Bow treatment has started a new lip filler craze for the perfectly shaped pout. The revolutionary technique created by the Trikwan team, has recently been featured in Vogue, Allure, The Daily Mail and Tatler to name a few and more.

With the 'Bigger is Better' trend fast fading, more patients than ever are requesting a focus on subtle, enhanced lip shape when visiting Trikwan Aesthetics Harley Street. Proud of their natural look ethos at the clinic, Dr Sanjay Trikha and Dr Zoya Diwan took to revolutionise the industry with an injectable technique which would look beautifully understated. The result is their signature Trikwan Cupid's Bow treatment, which has gained a legion of followers and coverage for being a game changer in the aesthetic industry.

The method behind the treatment focuses on building enhanced definition, minus large quantities of filler which can often create a shapeless look.

Each session starts with an in depth consultation to determine your perfect lip look before the procedure begins. What then follows is the real artistry. The Dr's carefully place filler along the patient's Cupid's bow enhancing the V-shape while slightly plumping the top and bottom lip. Following this the task begins to enhance the philthrum columns above the mouth which are often overlooked, yet create a wonderfully pronounced curvature of the lips.

Like a fine artist, their injecting technique requires many years to master and requires a perfectionist's touch. The doctor's use only premium quality filler with a thinner than most texture, which enables the very finest application for meticulously detailed, symmetric results lasting up to twelve months.

Smaller amounts of filler are recommended with this treatment for natural looking, beautifully defined, shapely lips.

Prices start from £250

Liquid Facelift

beautiful wrinkle free skinWhen many people think of facelifts they believe that expensive surgical options are the only option to bring back a younger looking face. At Trikwan Aesthetics we are able to roll back the years through a combination of Botox, Filler and of course an artistic hand.

As we age we often lose a large amount of volume in a number of areas of our face such as the cheeks and temples. It is also the case that the bony areas in our face also begin to reduce in volume. Through a liquid facelift, the volume in these areas of the face can be replaced which has the effect of lifting the face and areas which have started to sag such as the jawline and jowl area.

The use of dermal filler will also be combined with Botox in areas where there are fine, to moderate lines appearing which will help the patient to achieve a smooth, refreshed and younger looking face.

The procedure, can be done on your lunch break and involves little to no down time.

Prices start from £610

Profile Balancing

non surgical nose reshapingProfile balancing can be achieved with carefully placed dermal filler for truly transformative results.

Often patients come to us with what they see as an over projected nose or a small chin. Many of these patient’s feel that they will have to result to surgery in order to achieve their desired profile, however at Trikwan we can achieve wonderful results with the use of dermal filler meaning that long recovery times associated with going under the knife are no longer needed.

The procedure involves injecting bespoke amounts of filler in the chin and nose area to. We spend a good amount of time during this procedure contouring the lower face and the nose area for a perfectly aligned profile. Lip Enhancement could also be included within this package.

Results are immediate and there is little to no down-time involved.

Prices start from £380

Jaw Enhancement

Jawline enhancement with dermal filler is effective with many types of patient. Using filler to define and enhance the jawline can be a very desirable look for men wanting a more typically masculine appearance as well as those, both male and female who are looking to firm the look of sagging jowls.

Prices start from £610

Masculisation of Face

It is a scientific fact that women are typically attracted to men with a defined, square jawline. This attraction started from our earliest days as human beings, as those aspects of the male face – the jaw and mandible angle, are larger in size and shape when there are higher levels of male hormones in the body. At a time where high levels of testosterone were literally a matter of life and death any attributed traits that fell in line with high testosterone such as a large square jaw, suddenly became very attractive indeed.

Today it seems that some of our ancestors greatest desires have remained, as when we look at male celebrities who are deemed as highly attractive such as Brad Pitt, or Johnny Depp, they have very chiselled, defined and square shaped jawlines.

We can recreate this look at Trikwan Aesthetics through the use of Dermal filler, and spending time contouring the lower and upper jawline to your specific patient requirements.

This treatment is again quick, and relatively pain free, with zero down-time for this procedure.

Prices start from £610

Gummy Smile

gummy smile TrikwanImprove your smile with BOTOX, reducing the appearance of your gums. In the right candidate, this excellent procedure will give you results you never thought were possible and lift your confidence to new heights.

Often patients will rely on orthodontics to achieve a reduced gum line using elements such as braces or even lasers to reduce the size of the gum area, whereas Botox can be used to create the same effect.

Unlike orthodontics which can take many years to adjust the gum line the Botox treatment is quick, and cost effective. This treatment is often a great way to test the look of a reduced gum area, before deciding to opt for a permanent procedure at the dentist. We inject Toxin into the muscle that controls gummy smile and add a besoke amount of lip filler.

Q. How does Gummy smile Botox work?
A. This is the secret behind many a Hollywood Celebrity smile. It is often the case that high profile celebrities do not have the time to undergo years of aesthetic treatment under the media eye to get rid of gummy smiles. To achieve the Hollywood smile, it is possible to have Botox injected into the muscles of the upper lip to decrease the amount of lip area shown, and in turn decrease that so called ‘gummy smile’.

The aim is that once the lip area has been injected and the Botox starts to take affect over the upcoming days or weeks, the lips will drape over the teeth so that overt gum lines are no longer visible. The treatment can last up to six months.

Q. I don’t have any top lip when I smile and a large gum line. Would this treatment suit me?
Often patients come to us thinking that a complete orthodontic smile makeover costing up to tens of thousands of pounds is the only answer to such a dramatic smile transformation. You can achieve many of your desired mouth goals through the use of clever Botox and filler. In this instance I would certainly suggest that some shaping and plumping of the lip line with subtle, natural looking filler, accompanied by Botox in the top lip area so that you no longer have such prominent gum line. Aesthetically speaking, it is said the around 2mm of gum line showing is the ideal look that we want to achieve.

Prices start from £130

Facial Contouring and Lift


Who said killer cheekbones were just for supermodels...

Liquid faceliftTypical liquid face lifts aim to replace volume left by diminishing fat pads, while lifting the look of sagging facial muscles via the use of strategically placed filler.

In addition to replacing lost volume, Dr Zoya Diwan and Dr Sanjay Trikha developed the treatment to marry age defying looks with facial contouring, making hours of carefully applied makeup a thing of the past.

The treatment uses a top to bottom approach, rebuilding lost areas of volume from the temples to chin. Through the use of delicately placed filler in areas such as the cheekbones which often lose bone mass as we age, a more youthful facial structure is created. Contrasting your newly lifted and enhanced cheek bones, jaws can be enhanced, defined or slimmed down. The treatment is bespoke to each patient and face type to achieve a desirable, subtly chiselled look.

Another area of focus for the treatment is the chin and lower jaw which will be built up using small amounts of filler to soften any jowling.

The result is a dramatically lifted, younger looking face, with the added bonus of a beautifully enhanced bone structure to rival Naomi et al and can last up to 22 months

Prices start from £380


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