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How to stop summer chafing

Far be it for us to complain about the hot weather the UK is currently enjoying, but there’s one irritant that summer brings with it that we just can’t deal with and that’s chafing.

While we love having the opportunity to wear our favourite floaty dresses, the mere motion of moving in the heat can cause our thighs to rub together bringing on the dreaded chafe.

And if it isn’t dealt with correctly, the little path can become quite sore and irritated, effectively ruining our entire summer.

Then there’s the under boob chafe, which is equally as annoying, not to mention unpleasant, and really quite painful.

“The technical term for “chafing” is intertrigo,” explains Dr Sanjay Trikha one of the Medical Directors of Trikwan Aesthetics.

“This word originates from Latin whereby inter (between) and terere (to rub) help explain the condition.

“This inflammatory skin condition is usually caused by warm temperatures, friction between skin surfaces, moisture (can be caused by sweat), maceration (softening of skin due to prolonged moisture exposure) and lack of ventilation.”

Dr Trikha goes on to explain that chafing is usually a clinical diagnosis that primary affects areas such as the armpits, skinfold creases or anywhere where an individual experiences frequent skin rubbing and irritation. Read full article


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