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With a signature treatment named after the god of love, it’s no wonder that husband and wife team Dr Trikha and Dr Diwan are so sought after for their award-winning artistry

Dr Sanjay Trikha and Dr Zoya Diwan are founders of the renowned Harley Street Clinic Trikwan Aesthetics, plus a new Mayfair clinic, gaining attention as the go-to haven for skincare wizardry. The talented duo have been inscribed in many a celebrity’s little black book since they made it their mission to master the ‘has she, hasn’t she’ approach to injectables. Aside from Botox™, dermal fillers and collagen skin boosters, Trikwan’s glow-inducing facials are legendary. Last year alone, the team were nominated for a slew of awards, including Skin Transformation of the Year, while their popular ‘pre-party peel’ became a staple of red-carpet prep. Leaders in their field, aside from the clinic the duo also trains GPs, surgeons and doctors in the art of aesthetics.

The Trikwan commitment to patient care is of paramount importance: the clinic was a finalist for this year’s Best Customer Experience at the International MyFaceMyBody Awards.


Sagging, heavy lids, creasing, fine lines, and under-eye discolouration can be the most ageing elements of the face. It is argued that there is no single treatment to address the area from the brow down to the under-eye area; hence the doctors have combined treatments in one package with truly transformative results.

Starting with a combination of BotoxTM and filler, the lid is gently lifted, diminishing hooded lids, for a brighter, more awake look. The brow lift can be tailored to arch brows or to lift the corners of the eye. A combination of Botox and medical grade cream will be applied to fade fine lines and tighten crêpe-iness around the eyes.

Finally, dark circles, discolouration and hollowing of the tear trough can be transformed through a number of techniques. The results are impressively long lasting.


Typical liquid facelifts aim to replace volume left by diminishing fat pads while lifting the look of sagging facial muscles via the use of strategically placed filler. In addition to replacing lost volume, Dr Trikha and Dr Diwan developed the treatment to marry agedefying looks with facial contouring. Through the use of delicately placed filler, a more youthful facial structure is created. Contrasting your newly lifted and enhanced cheek bones, jaws can be enhanced, defined or slimmed down, bespoke to each patient and face type to achieve a desirable, subtly chiselled look. Another area of focus is the chin and lower jaw, which is built up using filler to soften any jowling.


Proud of their natural look ethos, Dr Trikha and Dr Diwan took to revolutionise the industry with an injectable technique which would produce a beautifully understated look. The result is their signature Cupid’s Bow treatment, which has gained a legion of followers and coverage for being a game changer in the aesthetic industry – and even gained a coveted shout-out in Vogue’s most anticipated issue of the year.

The method behind the treatment focuses on building enhanced definition, minus the large quantities of filler which can often create a shapeless look. Each session starts with an in-depth consultation to determine your perfect lip look before the procedure begins. The doctors then carefully place filler along the patient’s Cupid’s bow enhancing the V-shape while slightly plumping the top and bottom lip.

Following this, they delicately enhance the philthrum columns above the mouth which are often overlooked, yet create wonderfully pronounced curvature of the lips. The doctors use premium quality filler which enables the finest application for meticulously detailed, symmetrical results lasting up to a year.

Trikwan in Tatler Cosmetic surgery Guide 2018


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