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Bone shaving is tipped to be the next big thing in cosmetic surgery – and it’s as terrifying as it sounds

So wait, what exactly is bone shaving?

The official term for bone shaving is osteotomy and it can be used for a number of medical and aesthetic reasons, on many different parts of the body. “It is used for various medical treatments including spinal and other joint issues,” explains Dr Sanjay Trikah co-founder of Trikwan Aesthetics.

“For facial aesthetics, it is commonly used in rhinoplasties [nose jobs] for example on noses with a dorsal hump, to straighten a deviated nose or narrow a wide nasal bone. It’s also commonly used in jawline and chin surgeries for example for profile balancing for retracted jaws/malocclusions (genioplasty surgery) or certain jawline surgeries like sagittal split osteotomy where the jaw is split, chiseled and arranged to correct malalignment.” Follow link to read full article.


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