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Big lips are out and the Cupid’s bow is in!

Femail test out the lip filler craze inspired by Rihanna and Taylor Swift’s flawless pouts

The days of the oversized ‘trout pout’ could be drawing to a close following a remarkable increase in the demand for a new style of lip shape.

Once championed by the likes of Kylie Jenner and Angelina Jolie, the ‘bigger is better’ look is fast being replaced in popularity by a new procedure created by two Harley Street doctor’s.

The ‘Trikwan Cupid’s Bow Treatment‘ – so called because of the exaggerated dip in the top lip – came about after Dr Zoya Diwan and Dr Sanjay Trikha noticed a rise in patients wanting less volume and more definition.

Femail’s Hana Carter, 24, from London, put the new treatment to the test, meeting Dr Zoya and Dr Sanjay at their clinic in a bid to find out if it really is possible to achieve a ‘natural’ but enhanced look with the help of fillers…..follow the link to read full article

Trikwan's Cupids bow lip treatment in Daily Mail


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